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  • Anhayla Stanley

Put Yourself Back Out There 💜

Photo by Lawrence "Illoquint" Wilder

I wanted to be a model when I was a kid...but in 6th grade I was in a terrible car accident. I didn’t lose any of my limbs but I had to have a whole bunch of surgeries which left me with a whole bunch of scars. 😟

I couldn’t find any girls in the magazines that looked like me so I kinda let my modeling dream go. It wasn’t until college that I entertained the idea again and auditioned for my first fashion show.

I’ll NEVER forget when the casting director looked me dead in my face and told me I wasn’t pretty enough to be a model. 😳🙁 I believed her and I quit. Heartbreaking...I know.

Fast forward to today, I’m thinking about ALL the stuff society “convinced” me I couldn’t do in the past and It’s time to put all those lies to rest. Truth is — YOU and I can be whatEVER we decide to be. Don’t get caught up in what the world says you have to be, you make these rules. If you want to be a dancer...DANCE. If you want to start your own business...START IT. If you want to follow your dream...FOLLOW IT.

If someone says you can’t...God SAYS you will. TRUST! Make a list of possibilities and keep adding to it.

Put yourself back out there.

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